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The number one assets a leader has at their disposal today, is the creativity of their people! It is a powerful force, it is renewable and it is sustainable! What if you had a system for proactively tapping into this resource to use that creativity to increase revenue, decrease expenses and improve service to internal customers and citizens alike?

Today’s highly effective leader realizes they don’t need to come up with all the ideas, and they also realize that if they can identify concerns before the become major issues it will solve a lot of problems down the road.
How do they do this, they establish a system to gathering the thoughts, ideas and concerns of your people!

In this course we will give your a proven system for tapping into the experience, knowledge and vocational expertise of the people you lead, all while building trust and pride as well!

Participants will:

  1. Better recognize the various forms of human capital around them each day
  2. Have a greater understanding of how to use surveying to gather employee thoughts, ideas and concerns.
  3. Have a deeper grasp of informal information gathering approaches and how to use them to identify operational concerns.
  4. Discuss and define tools, methods and processes to build a structured feedback gather system within a department
  5. Discuss how to engage and deploy employees through a round-table and task-force process for innovation and departmental improvement